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The Ultimate In Power And Security – Dedicated Server

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1, 30th October 2010

As a development of technology is growing which increase in demand and usage of internet and web development services. Maximum uses of internet will generate a need of web hosting services for businesses. There are different kind of hosting services are offered by number of web site hosting service provider. The dedicated server is a single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network. A dedicated hosting services, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a one of the best type of Internet hosting and maximum used services in which the client leases an entire server for him and not shared with anyone.

A dedicated server is a single web server within a network of many computers, dedicated solely to one customer, most often a large business entity. Some networks of business require s or it is need of network that one computer be set aside to manage communications between all the other computers. This is more reliable and flexible medium than shared hosting services, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware. Support for any of these operating systems typically depends on the level of management offered with a particular dedicated server plan that fulfills the organizations objective. Server administration offered and can usually be provided by the hosting company as add-on services along with most durable packages that free included a free disk space and larger band width. In some cases a dedicated server can offer less overhead and a larger return on investment. Dedicated Web-Hosting simply states that you would be given a complete web server dedicated to your web site only. You have the ability to fully utilize the total CPU or RAM resources on it. The tricky bit is managing these boxes but fortunately many Web Hosting companies provide Managed Dedicated Server Solutions now days either free or as a paid service. Operating system support may include updates to the core system in order to acquire the latest security fixes, patches, and system-wide vulnerability resolutions. Updates to core operating systems include kernel upgrades, service packs, application updates, and security patches that keep server secure and safe and many more utility packages.

One of the reasons for choosing to outsource dedicated servers is the availability of high powered networks from multiple providers. Many dedicated server providers include a service level agreement based on network up time. Some dedicated server hosting providers offer a 100% up time guarantee on their network. As dedicated server providers utilize massive amounts of bandwidth, they are able to secure lower volume based pricing to include a multi-provider blend of bandwidth.

Availability, price and employee familiarity often determines which operating systems are offered on dedicated servers. Variations of Linux and UNIX (open source operating systems) are often included at no charge to the customer. Commercial operating systems include Microsoft Windows Server, provided through a special program called Microsoft SPLA. Red Hat Enterprise is a commercial version of Linux offered to hosting providers on a monthly fee basis. The monthly fee provides OS updates through the Red Hat Network using an application called yum. Other operating systems are available from the open source community at no charge. These include CentOS, Fedora Core, Debian, different other Linux distributions or BSD systems FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD. Dedicated servers are most often housed in data centers, similar to collocation facilities, providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. In contrast to collocation,

The server hardware is owned by the provider and in some cases they will provide support for your operating system or applications Note, however, that not all servers are dedicated. In some networks, it is possible for a computer to act as a server and perform other functions as well. In the Web hosting business, a dedicated server is typically a rented service. The user rents the server, software and an Internet connection from the Web host.

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