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Benefits Of A Single Server

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1, 31st January 2015

The technology industry is growing very rapidly and in some cases, businesses and individuals are struggling to keep up with the rapid pace. There are so many new options and alternatives that can make operating online easier and simpler but understanding the terminology and knowing what to look for can be overwhelming affair. There are a few basic terms that are important to know so that business owners can make an informed decision, hire the right services and still keep everything within the budget.

Servers are the networks that computers operate on and each computer can have a single server or can have several depending on the overall goal and objective. If the computer only has one server than it is known as a dedicated server which makes it ideal for high volume and high traffic programs and applications such as games and other fields. The computer talks to the user’s computer and sends data and information back and forth but it is only focused on a single objective so there is no conflict with other functions and applications. Downtime is minimized while speed and performance should be enhanced which is regulated and overseen by the professionals who manage the system.

While a business can handle this by itself it can be very expensive because they have to spend money on the hardware, software and the personnel. Instead, it is cheaper to hire an online service for cheap dedicated server in Singapore that already has the equipment and the personnel on their end so that the business does not have to include this in their budget and only has to pay the annual fees for the use of the server. The maintenance, updates and security are handled completely by the service provider which is why using a reputable company is very important. This saves time, money and energy when it comes to the company’s technology needs which are always a top priority.

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